Hello from Taiwan!

by Catherine

What? We’re in Taiwan?

The Globalist has completed two of three legs en route to Jakarta. At our first layover in Anchorage, we managed to refrain from buying reindeer sausage and five-pound boxes of salmon jerky. I don’t know what time it is, what day it is, or what time zone we are in, but it looks and smells like the 1980s here in the Taipei Taoyuan International Airport. Looking forward to being on the ground in Jakarta in a few hours.

It just looks like a mailbox: three escape chutes line our departure gate.

2 responses to “Hello from Taiwan!

  1. Catherine, I wonder where the escape chute led? One would have to be teeny to jump into one; Maybe they were throw away chutes for things one discovered couldn’t be taken on planes. It’s going to take some days to undo your jet lag no matter which way you fly, east or west, you’ll be catching up with yourself. Love, Grandmother

  2. What’s inside the 1980 smell?

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