Thank You!

Dear Readers,

It was a pleasure keeping this blog during our amazing (albeit brief) time in Indonesia. As you all know from reading the posts on this site we had some incredible and unexpected opportunities. It is hard to relay how much we learned from these experiences. I can’t thank you enough for following and supporting us – it made our time even more worthwhile.

I want to take a minute to thank our trip leaders Courtney and George (and Joanna, who unfortunately couldn’t be with us). They worked tirelessly for months planning the trip and facilitated everything from meetings to meals while on the ground. The trip would not have been possible without them.

While the trip may be over, the real writing is just beginning. Over the summer, trip participants will write a combined dozen articles based on the reporting and research we did. Article topics include Indonesia’s culture of smoking, post-conflict reintegration in Aceh, the black market bird trade, and more. The first issue of next year, which will publish in late September or early October, will feature these articles, as well as photos from the trip and more information about Indonesia. If you liked what you read on the blog and are interested in seeing these articles in print, please consider subscribing to the Globalist. The cost is only $40 for all 4 issues of next year, including shipping. Money raised from subscriptions (and donations) helps cover the enormous cost of printing our magazine. I hope you’ll consider supporting us in this way.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about the trip or the Globalist in general. Thanks again for your support.

All the best,



One response to “Thank You!

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for coming to Banda Aceh. We were glad to having you and your group and hopefully one day we meet again.


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